Creating a Shipping Solution Together

Driven Success by our Professional Services Team

DigitalShipper is an integral part of your business - not just the software but the teams behind it. We work with our customers every day to help them improve and become more efficient at solving common and complex shipping problems. From kick-off to go-live you can count on our Professional Services Team.

Shipping Expertise

DigitalShipper principals have amassed over 95 years of experience encompassing virtually all warehouse distribution and shipping disciplines. Companies chose to engage our Professional Services Team in their projects because of our expertise and proven excellence with how we work with our customers. Since each company and project is unique, we work with you to decide on which areas you would like us to participate in.

Proven Results

Our ability to deliver a DigitalShipper solution on-time and within budget is a direct result of our project management philosophy. At the onset of your project we will help you identify your requirements and analyze these against the overall project scope, functionality and cost. Throughout the project, unforeseen issues and anticipated modifications will be recognized and quantified by operational impact, time frame, and associated charges. This level of analysis coupled with proactive team management and close communication enables us to effectively manage the intricacies of complex projects and deliver cost-effective results.

DigitalShipper Professional Services Team

DigitalShipper's Project Steps

You can confidently count on us when you purchase DigitalShipper. From kick-off to go-live, your project manager will guide you through all the project details to make sure you are completely satisfied with your solution. It can be a daunting task to invest in a business critical application only to discover you're not quite sure where to get started and how to get to the finish line. We make it easy for you since this is our core business every day – selling shipping software and integrating the solution. Take a closer look at each of our steps to success.

Delivering Success

When you work with our Professional Services team you will benefit from our “best-in-class” and proven practices to maximize the value of your DigitalShipper investment.

Managing Your Project

Our Professional Services team utilizes a detailed cost reporting system that tracks on an hourly basis each personnel resource, the activity to which the resource is assigned, and compares the time used for that activity to the time allotted. We employ comprehensive project management tools to enable full compliance with these reporting requirements and share the information with you.

Monitoring Your Milestones

Reporting on project deliverables, costs, and progress to date, is done on a weekly basis or as requested. Together we are able to monitor exactly how the project is structured, determine all aspects of the project implementation requirements, and jointly monitor/control progress through project completion. Our methodology provides you with the most information possible upfront.