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DigitalShipper Enterprise V5 Upgrade

Welcome to the December 2022 / January 2023 Rate Change Upgrade for DigitalShipper Enterprise Version 5.9.4.


  • DigitalShipper Version 5
  • .NET Framework 4.8 or higher

NOTE: FedEx rates will automatically be updated directly to FSMS (FedEx Ship Manager Server) or via the FedEx Web Services.

NOTE: You may download and install the software prior to the effective dates. New rates will automatically be applied on or after each carrier's effective date.

* FedEx rates are not included in the DigitalShipper update, the rates are automatically provided by the carrier software (FSMS) or the carrier API (FedEx Web Services).

* USPS eVS customers will receive a separate update for DigitalShipper. For customers using or Endicia the USPS rates will automatically be updated.

It is recommended to test the rates by advancing the ship date to the effective date or later.

Effective Dates

Below outlines the rate change effective dates for carriers. Click the carrier name to visit the carrier web site for more information on the rates and changes going into effect.

NOTE: OnTrac rates will be provided in the next release.

Effective December 27, 2022
Effective January 2, 2023

Using DigitalShipper Express?

If you are using DigitalShipper Express, please contact the DigitalShipper Support Team to assist you with your upgrade.