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Training is key to operator confidence and successfully launching any new software or change within an organization. DigitalShipper's simple design makes it easy to train permanent and temporary workers in a matter of minutes.

When introducing any new software to your organization, training must be included in the overall project plan. We understand all the important aspects involved in training and the bottom line is the user must be able to perform their job. Because DigitalShipper is highly customizable to your organization and business processes, we offer customized training to meet all your needs.

We address many of the concerns that companies face with launching new software:

  • Considering the technical skill level of each user
  • Allocating time and resources to perform user training
  • Coordinating with the time frame when the software will be rolled out
  • Scheduling sessions either in phases or to the entire organization at once
  • Minimizing any productivity losses associated with the software transition

We use several different strategies when instructing users on DigitalShipper and we will work with you to find the ones best suited to your needs:

  • Training in the early phases of the project after DigitalShipper is installed
  • Ongoing education services for new personnel on an as needed basis
  • Different methods of delivery from on-site to web-based sessions
  • Provide extensive documentation for self-guided and self-paced training
  • Scheduled sessions for your staff with one of our lead trainers
  • Tailored for each user group (i.e. administrators, customer service, and operators)
  • Focused sessions to provide instruction for small user groups or to many users
  • Creation of custom user manuals and supplemental documents that correlate to the unique business processes used for your specific ways of shipping

For the most cost-effective training, we recommend a “train the trainers” approach with these added benefits: key personnel will often assume ownership of the software application if they are very knowledgeable, understand the details of the software and its usage more thoroughly, can provide 1st level support if needed, and participate in business discussions to help improve the company.

We will ensure that all participants have the necessary knowledge to perform their jobs and become self-sufficient with DigitalShipper through our “Empower and Educate” methodology.

DigitalShipper Training Facility