Shipping Solution

Whether you are a distributor or a wholesaler in the Supply Chain, you need a robust wholesale shipping solution to handle all your outbound small parcel and LTL freight from a single warehouse to multiple distribution centers.

Business Type - Wholesale

Increase Productivity

As a Wholesaler you need a flexible shipping solution that can tackle processing a lot of smaller orders with individual needs. Your customers tend to be more demanding when an order needs to ship, where it needs to ship to, and how it needs to ship. DigitalShipper can easily help you meet those needs at the point of shipping.  Even last minute changes to an order are not a problem.

Managing Fulfillment

DigitalShipper is a technology tool to deliver accuracy and efficiency to the shipping process by integrating to your host system, eliminating manual processes, and automating the carrier and service selection. DigitalShipper allows you to focus on customer satisfaction instead of drowning in decisions and costly mistakes.

Our shipping solution can easily adapt to your business changes and growth. You won’t be stuck with a backlog of orders trying to figure out the best way to ship a customer’s order or having to upgrade the service just to deliver it on time.

Wholesale Shipping Solution

Managing Freight Spend

We have teamed up with some of the most reputable 3PL companies offering aggregate discounted rates to low-mid volume shippers. If you already have negotiated rates and are doing high volume, simply load your rates into DigitalShipper and process your shipments with ease. DigitalShipper is the ideal wholesale shipping solution to reduce costs and automate all aspects of your shipping operations.

Managing Delivery Dates

When your shipments need to get to their destination by a specific delivery date, you need a solution that can automatically select the best carrier service and alert the shipper when the shipment is at risk. DigitalShipper not only can analyze the basic transit data, it can also allow you to add custom pickup/delivery options you have negotiated with your carriers, and configure carrier cut-off times so you don’t miss a delivery.

Drop Ship Orders

When your customers want you to handle their fulfillment and drop ship orders directly to the end user, DigitalShipper can automate the shipping process whether the order information is in the host system or in a spreadsheet. Additionally, DigitalShipper can alter the return address on the shipping label, ship the order using another account number, and even add your customer’s logo and branding message using our Extended Label feature.

Bill Third Party

Often it can be challenging or a manual process to select an alternative billing option at the time of shipping or switch carrier accounts based on the order. DigitalShipper takes the guesswork out of the freight billing using the data supplied by the host (account number and billing type) or our built-in Customer Preference feature.