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Welcome to the DigitalShipper Video Library. We will be updating our collection of videos over time to provide a learning experience for you about our products and services. Please watch and share our videos showcasing DigitalShipper's features and our shipping solutions.

Shipping Software That Helps When Ship Happens

DigitalShipper is the ideal solution for companies that are shipping with two or more carriers, need integration to a host system, want customized business rules, and have a system that can adapt to change. Whether your company adds more carriers, increases volume, needs to add shipping locations - DigitalShipper has you covered.

Automate the Shipping Process

DigitalShipper is powerful, enterprise shipping execution software. DigitalShipper automates all of your shipping processes and creates one workflow for all shipping locations and distribution points. And as your business changes and grows, DigitalShipper can adapt to continue meeting your needs.

Integrate with ERP/OMS/WMS Systems

DigitalShipper's Plug-in Architecture provides the automation for data integration you need to connect to any host system and even multiple systems to ship 100% of your outbound shipments with efficiency and accuracy. Our framework supports all types of integrations using Web Services, APIs, DLLs, OLE DB, Flat File, etc.

Centralized Software and Data

DigitalShipper's On-Premise software gives your company complete control over all aspects of your business critical shipping solution without the vulnerabilities of the cloud. Having one software deployment and set of business rules to manage for your entire organization plus centralized data puts you in the driver seat to success.

Lower Overall Transportation Costs

Continuing carrier rate increases and customer demands for expedited deliveries makes it challenging to manage and keep your freight costs in check. DigitalShipper's rate shopping Service Level Optimization and Air-to-Ground Selection capabilities are just two of many features to ensure you are shipping with the right carrier and service for every order.

Analyze Your Shipping Data

DigitalShipper Analytics is a powerful reporting and self-auditing tool that can mitigate your excess parcel spend. Use the data to get resolution and reimbursement from the carriers once you identify rate discrepancies and service errors. If your goal is to control and audit your own freight spend, DigitalShipper Analytics is the right tool for you.

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