Shipping Solution

You have a successful web site, a complete order and inventory management system, but now you need an eCommerce shipping solution to complete the loop. DigitalShipper is perfect for any eCommerce business that has graduated from the garage to the warehouse and needs to leverage all the carrier options in the most cost-effective way.

Business Type - Retail

Making the Right Choice

In the eCommerce space, there are as many choices in shipping systems as there are shopping carts. Deciding which system is the best fit can be a daunting task – not only do you need to consider the capabilities to handle your current needs but growth and change for the future. DigitalShipper gives your company a robust enterprise multi-carrier solution that is flexible and can adapt to meet the demands of your growing business.

Multi-Channel Integration

Whether your company is using your eCommerce platform as an order management system or you are offloading the data to a separate OMS or ERP system, most companies have to manage and ship orders from multiple channels. DigitalShipper can connect to multiple host systems for shipping orders with ease from a single software solution.

Ship From Store

Many brick and mortar retailers are using their store locations as fulfillment centers in an effort to expedite the delivery of customer orders, transfer inventory from one location to another, and even liquidate old or expiring inventory. Simply adding sites for each store location in DigitalShipper can extend your shipping operations to the store level.

eCommerce Shipping Solution

Same Day Delivery

When your customer can’t wait and needs their order delivered today, having a shipping solution with same day options can get it there on time.  DigitalShipper offers a wide range of compliant modules for local courier delivery in most major metro cities including FedEx SameDay® City, Deliv, Kanga (a GEODIS partner), and ProMed Delivery.  

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Package Security

Not only is fast delivery on consumer minds, but secure delivery is becoming a number one concern with the rise of stolen packages by porch pirates.  DigitalShipper offers carrier options such as FedEx Hold At Location and UPS Access Point™ at the point of shipping to safely deliver packages to a known location until it can be picked up by the recipient.

Ensured Deliveries

Consumer experience and customer satisfaction go hand-in-hand from the time the order is placed to when it is received.  DigitalShipper is the shipping solution that delivers many features and areas of automation when it counts: your last touchpoint before the shipment is handed off to the carrier.  DigitalShipper can validate the ship to address using carrier or third party address validation APIs, automatically select the most efficient and least cost service, check the carrier transit time to ensure the order is delivered on or before expected, and generate carrier ship notifications.

Parcel Insurance

Having an alternative insurance option or extra coverage can not only save you money but provide added consumer protection.  DigitalShipper has partnered with industry leaders that specialize in high-value insurance for jewelry, art, pharmaceutical drugs, etc. and extra protection plans for price, fraud, returns, extended warranty, and 90-day purchase.

Deliver Condifence with Shipping

Put decisions where they need to be: in your eCommerce shipping solution. Let DigitalShipper decide how to meet the expectations of your customers so they continue to trust you and order more product.