Powerful Features for Shipping

DigitalShipper focuses on Shipping Execution in the Supply Chain and Order Fulfillment Process. Shipping is the last point of contact with a customer's order - put your trust and confidence in DigitalShipper to ensure the right decisions are being made every time. Read more about our features and capabilities below.

What's Important to You?

There are an overwhelming number of shipping solutions in the marketplace and it can be a daunting task to find the best one to fit your requirements today while forward thinking to tomorrow's needs. We are here to make it easier for you to decide if DigitalShipper is the right choice for your company.

If you answer "Yes" to
any of these questions,

we can help...

Do you ship 50 or more packages per day?
Do you need integration to your host system?
Do you need to automate manual processes?
Do you want to improve your overall shipping operations?
Are you looking for a more efficient way to ship orders?
Are you currently using carrier-provided software?
Are you unhappy with your current software vendor?

DigitalShipper Software Features

Features that make DigitalShipper a great choice for your business.

  • Rate Shopping Cost
  • Rate Shopping Cost + Transit
  • Rate Shopping Business Rules
  • Air to Ground Opportunities
  • Service Level Optimization
  • Negotiated Package Rates
  • Negotiated Accessorial Rates
  • Custom Dim Weight Factors
  • Calculated Rates for Invoicing
  • Small Parcel / LTL Comparison
  • Small Parcel Package Rating
  • LTL / TL Freight Rating
  • Generic Carrier Support
  • Quick Rate Quotes
  • Address Book
  • Non-order Shipments
  • Document Generation
  • Customer Preferences
  • Box Size Selection
  • DocTab Labels
  • Customizable Labels
  • Return Shipping Labels
  • Branded Labels with Logos
  • Carrier Compliant Shipping Labels
  • Generic Carrier Label Templates
  • Manifest Reports and Carrier EDI
  • User-defined Reference Fields
  • Carrier Notifications
  • Address Standardization
  • Carrier Address Validation
  • Consolidated Orders at Shipping
  • Billing Automation for Bill Recipient
  • Billing Automation for Bill Third Party
  • Residential Delivery Automation
  • Signature Options Automation
  • Accessorial Data Mapping
  • Hazardous Materials Automation
  • International Shipping Automation
  • Customized Business Rules
  • Shipping Data Retention
  • Carrier Invoice Analytics
  • Parcel Insurance

A Shipping Solution That Grows With Your Business

Our software stacks up to many of the expensive solutions in the marketplace. Why spend more money to get the same or better features? And why spend more money on features you probably won't need. Our focus is on shipping execution and we deliver compliance, automation, and integration to give you a shipping solution that is tailored to your unique needs and gives you the flexibility for the future.