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No matter your business type or industry. With out-of-the-box features, the ability to customize the solution and automate your shipping processes - purchase DigitalShipper, it is the last shipping software you will ever have to buy.

DigitalShipper’s on-premise multi-carrier software is a successful and proven choice for many companies looking for the right shipping solution to handle their current needs with flexibility for future change and growth.

And whether your business is outgrowing carrier-provided software, limited by an existing cloud/SaaS shipping solution or you’re not happy with your current vendor – DigitalShipper is a great transition to a powerful, multi-carrier platform.

For some companies, the upfront cost of purchasing software is a reason they don't buy and end up choosing a SaaS product with monthly payments. Over time this can become costly and end up more expensive than purchasing.

If you need to lower the cost of ownership and initial payment, we offer a subscription plan. Same software, same great features. With this flexibity, your decision should be when can we get started and not can we afford it.

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Why companies purchase DigitalShipper:

  • Most affordable enterprise solution in the marketplace
  • Out-of-box features and ability to customize the solution
  • Adaptable to your business changes and carrier choices
  • Scalable to your business growth, shipping locations, and volume 
  • Easy integration to any OMS, ERP, WMS, TMS, or eCommerce System
  • Dedicated project and implementation team from kick-off to go-live
  • Best-in-class support team with over 25 years of industry and carrier expertise


Ask about DigitalShipper features, pricing, implementation, and how we can solve any logistics/warehouse problem related to shipping. We are here to answer your questions or provide a personalized demo of DigitalShipper and show you why it is the best solution. Purchase DigitalShipper today!