About Us

DigitalShipper is a privately-owned business based in beautiful downtown White Bear Lake, Minnesota. Nestled along the corridor of shops and restaurants, our surroundings and serene lake are the perfect backdrop for developing great software and endless creativity. 

White Bear Lake MN

The Beginning...

DigitalShipper began as a two-person operation back in 1991 on the cusp of technology emerging in the shipping industry. Companies were still widely using paper manifest books with “peel and stick” tracking numbers and this was the same year the World Wide Web went public.

Our President and CEO, Michael Everson, worked in management at UPS for 15 years and saw an opportunity to jump into the technology world and sell Digi Postal scales. Many of us don’t even remember these boat anchors but they were such a godsend in the world of shipping. To be able to place your package on the scale, punch in the destination zip code and print a small label that you placed on the package. These were the days you could write the shipping address on the UPS or FedEx box with a Sharpie pen!

The DigitalShipper Vision...

Delivering shipping solutions and industry expertise that companies can rely on for carrier compliance, integration, and automation for today's warehouse needs with the ability to adapt for the future.

Our Growth...

As the world modernized, a few companies emerged in the marketplace with multi-carrier shipping solutions and we became one of the top resellers and integrators of Clippership. Over time the demands of our customers led us to developing add-ons, building stand-alone VB apps, and eventually we created a robust rating engine that served the purpose as a TMS system for some of our largest customers.

In late 2001 we began designing and developing our own multi-carrier shipping software, DigitalShipper. We onboarded our first customer in 2002 and went to market in 2003. We continue to strive for excellence by building software that works based on the needs of our customers and solving real-world shipping problems.

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DigitalShipper Vision

Where We Are Today...

We do not outsource and our development team is located at our headquarters where they can actively interact with our customer service, technical support, and implementation teams. Our customers benefit all around from this approach and allows us to be very responsive to change and provide quick deliverables.

Today we proudly support over 2,500 customer shipping sites in the US representing every type of business from a 10-person operation all the way to Fortune 100/500/1000 companies. Every company faces challenges with shipping, and we are an integral part of helping our customers solve their shipping execution problems. Take advantage of the DigitalShipper vision.