Shipping Solution

DigitalShipper is a perfect fit for companies that have limited or no shipping capabilities available in their ERP or WMS system. Easily customize DigitalShipper to be your ideal manufacturing shipping solution for small parcel and LTL shipping.

Business Type - Manufacturing

Features That Matter

DigitalShipper is a robust, shipping solution with many out-of-the-box features that are ideal for manufacturing companies. With the ability to customize your DigitalShipper solution, you can automate all your business rules and manual processes. Spend less time focusing on decisions about shipping and more time cranking out your orders. DigitalShipper is the ideal manufacturing shipping solution.

Order Consolidation

Managing multiple customer orders and delivery schedules can be challenging. With DigitalShipper you can ship multiple orders together and update each order in the host system to reflect the consolidated shipment with the tracking information on all orders and freight costs on just the master order for invoicing.

Line Item Shipments

Often a customer order will be split up into multiple deliverables whether items are completed at different times, need to ship to different addresses, or are being fulfilled from different locations. DigitalShipper provides the flexibility to create multiple shipments for an order to handle all the scenarios that often go with manufacturing goods.

Scheduled Shipments

Manufacturing often has a very demanding timeline and must adapt to customer’s unique requests. With DigitalShipper your shipping department can become the resolution to delays that happen upstream in the manufacturing process. Additionally, DigitalShipper ensures orders get to their destination on time by checking carrier transit days based on the expected delivery date.

Truck / LTL Shipping

It can be time consuming to manually process larger orders that ship using a TL or LTL carrier. Often the shipper is hand-writing the Bill of Lading or logging into the carrier’s web site and hand-keying the information. DigitalShipper’s LTL shipping process makes it easy to create the Bill of Lading, rate the shipment, generate the pro number, print carton / pallet labels, and set billing options to another account number.

Manufacturing Shipping Solution
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Drop Ship Orders

(Direct from Manufacturer)

Many companies rely on the manufacturer to directly distribute the goods to the end user and maintain the corporate branding. DigitalShipper supports “blind shipping” by modifying the return address. Additionally you can easily add a logo, QR Code, and/or marketing message using our out-of-the-box Extended Label feature.