DigitalShipper Benefits

Your investment in DigitalShipper not only will streamline your shipping operations but improve efficiencies, reduce errors, lower freight costs, and give you 100% confidence with every order shipped.

Robust Shipping Software

DigitalShipper is suited for all types of companies whether you ship 50 packages per day or more than 50,000 packages per day. Our enterprise-level software provides you with valuable shipping benefits. 

Centrally Managed

By deploying DigitalShipper in a server environment, you will gain many shipping benefits and satisfy core business needs that address performance, security, reliability, usability, and supportability. From a single repository for data, business rules, and maintenance, these factors simplify IT processes and generate substantial cost savings for your organization.


DigitalShipper is designed to maximize how a user performs tasks related to shipping. Out-of-the-box features in DigitalShipper provide automation for common tasks such as applying special services (i.e. Saturday Delivery, Residential Delivery) to a shipment, assigning commodity information to an international shipment, setting the billing and carrier preferences for particular customers, automating LTL and hazardous materials shipments.


The intuitive and easy-to-use user interface makes DigitalShipper an ideal solution for performing shipping tasks in a warehouse environment where there is high turn over or where peak times require temporary help. Training is quick and with automation of business rules through the Plug-in Architecture the users do not need to understand all the intricacies behind the process.


DigitalShipper delivers fast results and can handle large volumes of shipments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Whether shipping through the standard browser, utilizing the backend web services or batch shipping, our software optimizes each transaction. The architecture of DigitalShipper supports unlimited number of sites, carrier accounts, users and workstations without sacrificing speed.


To meet the growing demands of your business, DigitalShipper is able to scale out onto multiple application servers to optimize transactions, increase throughput and boost overall performance. This is often necessary when the server hardware is restricted or if a company wants to ensure the application is available 100% of the time or localize the transactions to remote locations.


The technology behind DigitalShipper ensures you that the software will run optimally with today’s hardware and operating systems including virtual machine environments. DigitalShipper supports integration to other software and host system databases so you can fully automate your shipping processes.


DigitalShipper was architected by a team of developers with over 50 years of experience in the shipping industry. The vast knowledge and understanding about distribution have been fundamental to creating a workflow in the software that closely mimics the way warehouses operate. Staying closely coupled with our customers, partners and the carriers allows us to continue to develop and deliver high quality, technology-driven software.


DigitalShipper is built with our customers in mind. We stay connected with our customers and partners to keep current with industry trends, maintain close relationships with the carriers to know what changes are taking place before they happen, and of course stay on top of the latest technologies to deliver cutting edge software.

Shipping Benefits that Pay Off Every Day

DigitalShipper is the shipping solution you can depend on every day. Spend less time fixing problems and doing manual workarounds to get orders out the door. And Spend more time optimizing your carriers.

Multi-Carrier Shipping Benefits