Shipping Solution

DigitalShipper delivers enterprise-level shipping to all your warehouses with an easy to manage system including centralized data and business rules. DigitalShipper's ability to grow and change with your company makes it the ideal distribution shipping solution.

Business Type - Distribution

Supply Chain Shipping

As a Distributor you need a robust shipping solution to handle all your outbound freight from either a single warehouse or multiple distribution centers. DigitalShipper offers a centralized, enterprise system that can easily manage your carriers, business rules and provide visibility for all your shipments.

LTL Shipping

DigitalShipper’s LTL process makes it easy to ship less than truckload and full truck load shipments. DigitalShipper can connect to pallet scales and dimensioning devices to capture accurate pallet weights and dimensions, print the Bill of Lading and labels, and update the host system with freight cost and pro numbers.

Consolidating orders for truck shipments is easy using the SWOG (Ship With Other Goods) feature at the time of shipping or simply consolidate multiple shipments at the end of the day to generate a master Bill of Lading. For customers that want you to ship with their preferred carrier and use their account number, DigitalShipper can fully automate the selection of the carrier and set billing options using the host system data or our built-in Customer Preference feature.

Distribution Shipping Solution
Manager inspecting a warehouse

High Volume Shipping

Processing orders in a timely manner and shipping large volumes of inventory go hand-in-hand. DigitalShipper is an on-premise solution you can count on every day that offers high performance and throughput whether you are shipping 50 packages or 50,000+ packages a day.

Full Case Shipping

Often the order you are fulfilling is full case goods and does not require repackaging. The boxes can simply go from the rack to the dock door. You need an efficient way to print a shipping label either at a warehouse printer or on a portal printer. DigitalShipper’s Web Services can be integrated into other warehouse applications, even RF handhelds, to process orders on the spot and generate carrier compliant labels wherever you need them.

Transportation Planning

Although DigitalShipper is not Transportation Planning software, we have the data necessary for your business to identify the most cost-effective way to ship and make decisions prior to the shipping process. Here are some of the ways DigitalShipper can help you plan: determine Carrier Service Eligibility, check Transit Time, and calculate published / negotiated cost including base, delivery and package surcharges. DigitalShipper should be your next investment for your distribution shipping solution.

Batch Shipping

When your customer places a large order that will ship the goods to multiple addresses, you don’t want to manually ship each shipment and run the risk of making costly errors. DigitalShipper can import a file containing the list of addresses or potentially extract them from your ERP system to automate the shipping process as a batch.