DigitalShipper Project Step - Deployment

Professional Services


Our DigitalShipper Technicians are well-versed in the installation and configuration of our software. We can assist your IT team with all aspects of deployment and getting DigitalShipper up and running.

Most companies have an IT infrastructure and staff that are able to install and configure software, migrate applications from test to production environments, deploy software upgrades, and perform routine maintenance. However, your resources may be heavily involved with other projects or are limited. We realize that the demands on IT resources can become a bottleneck with your project. Our DigitalShipper technicians can assist with most aspects necessary to get DigitalShipper up and running in your network environment. And if your company is smaller in scale and does not employ a dedicated IT department, we can also help you.

These are common tasks that our DigitalShipper technicians participate in:

  • Installation of DigitalShipper software in test/production environments
  • Configuration of DigitalShipper software with your specific information
  • Installation of software upgrades during scheduled down time
  • Migrating software updates and plug-ins from test to production
  • Installation of DigitalShipper Plug-ins that handle custom business rules
  • Moving DigitalShipper software to support any necessary hardware upgrades

Of course there are aspects that we must rely on your IT department for – allocating hardware resources (i.e. database server, application server, workstations, printers, scales); installation and setup of supporting software (i.e. SQL Server license, OS license); network and application configuration and security; and remote accessibility. In any case, our team of professionals is available to collaborate and assist to make the deployment of DigitalShipper as successful as possible.

DigitalShipper Tech Installing Software