DigitalShipper Project Step - Go-Live

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DigitalShipper's goal is to set your business up for success from the first day you go-live and start shipping with DigitalShipper. We want you to have a smooth transition and confidence in what we deliver.

The best go-live is flipping the switch and not getting any support phone calls. That means both our companies put forth our best efforts to ensure that the first day of production shipping with DigitalShipper is successful. By collectively putting in the hard work during all the project phases, should give your company confidence in knowing all your orders will ship correct and the way you planned.

As part of the post go-live efforts we want to make sure you are completely satisfied. Sometimes an idea in practice made sense but once it is put into action, it may need to be refined or just scrapped. We expect this and know that some tweaking may be needed to get the system operating 100% the way you want.

And part of the ongoing use of DigitalShipper will put your team at a phone call or email away from asking follow up questions or discussing system changes with us. We expect that as your company grows and changes, that DigitalShipper will need enhancements and we look forward to continuing to solve your shipping problems no matter how simple or complex.

Warehouse workers using DigitalShipper

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