Generic Carrier Module

Built on the same framework as all compliant carriers

With our Generic Carrier Module you can add any number of carriers to DigitalShipper giving you the ability to ship 100% of your outbound shipments from a single system.

One System, All Carriers

DigitalShipper's Generic Carrier Module gives you the freedom to add your own carriers to the shipping system. With DigitalShipper your goal should be to process all outbound shipments through our software. It ensures that your business rules are being applied, that the right carrier and service is being selected, the results of shipping (i.e. tracking or pro number, freight cost, accessorial fees, total packages, weight) are updated in the host system for invoicing purposes, and you have one central repository for any shipment leaving your facility. 

DigitalShipper offers many compliant carrier modules (i.e. UPS, FedEx, USPS, regional carriers) that are maintained and certified within the core system by us. The compliant carrier modules must meet certain carrier standards and requirements plus undergo a formal third-party vendor certification process with the carrier.

Our Generic Carrier module is for all other carriers such as freight forwarders, LTL/TL truck companies, internal company-owned trucks, contracted trucks, local couriers, and will call pick ups.  Our framework makes it easy for you to set up your own carriers with tons of features. 

Built-in Features

  • Package-level and shipment-level rating
  • Weight, weight/zone or flat-fee rate calculation
  • Import tool for base rates and configurable accessorial fees
  • Pro number generation for the most popular carrier algorithms
  • Over 15 pre-designed label templates with barcodes
  • Standard summary and detail manifest reports
  • Summary and detail data export at end of day
  • Support for ftp, sftp, http, https file uploads

LTL / TL Freight Capabilities

DigitalShipper's Generic Carrier Module is most widely used for shipping with LTL (Less Than Truckload) and TL (Full Truckload) carriers. For many of our customers prior to using DigitalShipper, they would manually fill out Bills of Lading or hand key all the information into the carrier's web site. This was a very time consuming process and prone to mistakes.

Upon install DigitalShipper gives you features that make it easy to ship with your freight carriers in just a few simple set up steps and configurations. And with the same easy workflow as small parcel shipments, freight shipments can be processed in a matter of seconds. You can choose to fully automate your LTL processing, semi-automate or leave it up to the user to input the data.  No matter which way you choose, your users will be more productive instead of being weighed down with paperwork.

generic carrier pallet being unloaded from semi-trailer
  • Single class, multiple class, and FAK rating capabilities
  • Deficient weight rating using next higher weight break
  • Weight and Dim Density calculator for freight class
  • Supports standard, VICS, and custom Bills of Lading
  • Add your company or partner logo to the BOL
  • Consolidated shipments with Child / Master BOLs
  • Print labels for each package and pallet labels
  • Total Order Rate Shopping® (small parcel vs LTL)
  • Add unlimited generic carriers
  • Add unlimited accounts for each generic carrier
  • Add unlimited service codes for each generic carrier
  • Import freight rates using the DigitalShipper template
  • Support for common accessorials (i.e. Liftgate Required, Residential)
  • Built-in table to store frequently used NMFC information
  • Store billing information for Bill Third Party shipments
  • UPS Freight and FedEx Freight Modules

Streamline Your Shipping with DigitalShipper

We know your shipping operations can improve and be more efficient. Stop using several different systems to get the job done and start shipping with DigitalShipper. One software does it all.