Enterprise resource planning software and data security

November 10, 2014 at 5:30 PMAdministrator
Keep customer data safe with ERP software.

Earlier this fall, the Washington Post reported that hackers suspected to be from the Chinese government accessed the United States Postal Service's networks and obtained roughly 800,000 employees' private information. Names, dates of birth, social security numbers, addresses, phone numbers and employment information was all compromised. Customers who phoned the Postal Service Customer Care Center between January and Aug. 16 may also have had their information stolen.

While it is unclear exactly why USPS was the target of such an attack, officials do not believe identity theft is a concern. In fact, the delayed response to the hack is due in large part to the fear that taking action too quickly would result in more information being compromised. For one year, however, USPS is offering all employees credit-monitoring services for free.

Protecting information during the holidays
These types of breaches can cause concern among retailers, shoppers, vendors and carriers. Especially during the holiday season, care should be taken to ensure personal information is not under attack when it comes to making purchases and shipping them out.

Using one credit card for all online transactions is a good idea. This decreases the amount of sensitive payment information present on the Internet. For shippers, storing customer information in a secure enterprise resource planning software system is a great way to build and keep customer trust. It also prevents customers from having to enter payment information in each time they make a purchase. 

Make sure the merchants chosen are reputable and reliable. If it's difficult to locate a brick-and-mortar location for the online store, or if their contact information does not garner a response, do not place an order with them.

While the USPS may be dealing with a breach this year, look into as many carriers as possible when deciding which method is best for shipping items. Enterprise resource planning software helps companies diversify their shipping departments and find the more reliable, cost-effective and timely shipping solutions.

Remember that even corporations like Target Corp. and Home Depot Inc. have experienced data breaches in the last year. Businesses looking to earn and keep their consumer trust should invest in the services provided by enterprise resource planning software. In addition to added security, customer profiles can be more closely monitored. If strange requests come in from certain clients, it becomes easier to check on their order to make sure there is no foul play.