Auction houses can benefit from enterprise resource planning

October 24, 2014 at 5:05 PMAdministrator
Auction houses can benefit from the inventory control and carrier options offered by ERP software.

Auction houses consistently sell incredibly valuable, fragile items to buyers all over the world. One of the largest challenges these facilities face on a daily basis is that of inventory control. Between taking on new consignments, storing items in warehouses until the auction and ensuring clients have paid for and picked up their treasures within the amount of time specified at registration, auction houses live in an inventory nightmare. Enterprise resource planning software can help ease the struggle these businesses experience.

For auction houses and their clientele, solid and reliable packing is the most important step in the shipping process. Buyers spend upward of hundreds of thousands of dollars on artwork, statuary and ancient relics. Depending on the venue, an art collector could spend several million dollars on a coveted work. Investing in sturdy materials is a requirement.

Items like those provided by Airfloat Systems are excellent tools developed by artists for the easy and safe transportation of artwork. The company specializes in reusable materials that protect the exterior and interior of packaged artwork from damage, especially the prevention of breaking the glass panel on a framed work.

Inventory control
With enterprise resource planning software, controlling inventory becomes a much simpler process. Data is more readily available to the entire company, so each department is informed on the whereabouts of a specific item. Customer service team members can accurately relay information to clients and property management can quickly locate items when the shipper arrives to remove it.

Customer service standards
An auction house needs to maintain an up-to-date, accurate listing of all buyers. This is crucial to ensuring catalogs get sent to clients before the sales and invoices go out to them after the sales. ERP software maintains detailed client account and contact information, including multiple homes and past purchases. 

Multi-carrier options
It's also important to offer auction participants several methods for shipping their goods. Though it's true that many wealthy clients can spend as much as necessary on their shippers, there are also business owners purchasing items for their stores looking to save on company expenses. Being able to shop around a variety of carriers will give customers a greater sense of flexibility. After meticulously choosing how much they've spent on their purchased lot, they'll want to be able to control how much they put into shipping, as well.