Enterprise resource planning software supports workers and communication

October 22, 2014 at 11:50 AMAdministrator
Improve communication and productivity with enterprise resource planning software.

Businesses looking to improve productivity, employee engagement and overall communication should invest in enterprise resource planning software. When it comes to packaging, shipping and delivery, these improvements can mean the difference between a successful operation or a failing one.

In a survey conducted by AtTask, respondents were asked to identify causes of frustration in the workplace. The resulting "State of Enterprise Work Report" demonstrates that a lack of communication and too many distractions lead to only 45 percent of working hours being spent actually performing their primary duties. Sixty-three percent claimed too many teams were focusing on the same issues, while 64 percent felt more clarity is needed over which responsibilities belong to certain departments. The most common reasons for conflict development between departments were miscommunication and clashing priorities. In addition, 36 percent replied that a lack of standard procedures contributed to poor production. 

Improving communication strategies
To remedy these issues, businesses should implement an enterprise resource planning software system. By integrating operations on a unified, cloud-based database, all departments are connected. For a company that specializes in packaging and shipping, there are often many moving parts that need to be accounted for. Inventory needs to be accurately tracked as it comes into a warehouse, stored in the correct location and pulled at the right time for the right customer. Without a reliable software system accessible by all departments, inventory will likely get lost or travel to the incorrect location. The purchase and maintenance of materials improves when ERP software is available to help workers track data in real time.

ERP solutions help with the storage of customer data, as well. Businesses can notify clients right away if there are any delays in shipping, as well as keep track of customer preferences and contact information.

Shippers should invest in ERP software solutions to improve their services, empower their employees and increase profits. 

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